Dental FAQs

5 consideration before going for dental tourism in Phuket

1. Time. Each patient, based on their oral condition, has different dental treatment time. Please make a plan, ask our customer service, or even better make the appointment before you come.

2. Visa. Depending on your origin and length of stay, there are different Visa requirement. Please keep in mind on the visa rule as the policy of overstay is strict.

3. Discomfort after treatment. Although most of the patients have painless experience with Phuket Dental Signature, there are some common post-treatment discomfort such as numbness by local anaesthesia, sensitivity caused by in-office teeth whitening or swell caused by dental surgery.

4. Thai holiday. While we would be open for international patients most of the time, Thai public would still influence dental service providing. For example, dental lab might close so lab works will take longer time, and number of dentists might be less than normal during public holiday.

5. Unexpected events. It is amazing Thailand anyway so be prepared for anything off the schedule happens. It could be the actual treatment time longer than expected due to new information found upon physical examination, or meeting your special someone in patong and you decide to stay here forever. You will never know.


What are the popular treatments for international patients

International patients are looking for world standard dental treatment in an affordable price. Therefore, they are looking for not just the treatment, but more focusing on the brand of the dental material or system used by the dental clinic.

Generally speaking, patients come from a long way to have Straumann or similar quality dental implant, from single implant to full month restoration; full month IPS Emax porcelain veneers; Invisalign orthodontic treatment; Philip’s Zoom teeth whitening; and as routine as a Airflow treatment every 6 months.

Successful case gallery from real international patient

Since the first open day, Phuket Dental Signature has been bringing backs lots of smile once lost by patients. There are lots of successful case of implant(especially ProArch cases), full jaw crown/veneers, as will as Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

5 Tips to make your dental tour worry free

1. Always make reservation before you buy the flight ticket

2. Take a Panoramic X-ray and some pictures and consult our dentist online prior visiting Phuket.

3. Arrange accommodation not to far from clinic (No worries we are in Patong)

4. If you are planning for visiting other cities than Phuket as well, plan after your first visit to us in Phuket, when we could finalise your treatment plan after physical examination

5. Keep in mind that even though you would spend some time with dentist, you ae still travelling! Relax and enjoy your time.


How much I can save having dental treatment done in Phuket

Thailand is the leading country for medical tourism. One of the major advantage is the cost. According to patient’s feedback, depending their dental treatment needed and originating countries, patients and save 30-70% of the dental cost while receiving the same quality of dental care.

What Phuket Dental Signature can do to help International patient

As a renowned international dental centre with solid experience in receiving international patients, we employ several practices to make patients’ stay better, even outside the treatment room. Phuket Dental Signature has partnership with hotels in patong with different star levels so that patients could enjoy a better deal. And we do also provide pick up service within Patong area so local transportation to clinic is never a problem.