ProArch (All-on-4)

ProArch (All-on-4) Phuket Implant Dentists

Situations suited for ProArch (All-on-4)

  1. Full jaw or full mouth missing gaps
  2. When patient require a fast approach and require fixed  prostheses 
  3. When patient want to avoid the extra cost, time and effort involved for bone grafting at posterior area
  4. When patient prefer medium budget solution for full month missing teeth 
  5. Patient is committed and compliant post care mainteance of cleaning under fixed prostheses post treatment

How ProArch (All-on-4) dental implants works

  • The ProArch (All-on-4) concept involves two stages or two trips to restore a patient’s smile. However patients are able to have prosthese immediately after implant placement during the first trip.
  • 1st trip: Implant post surgery, where two anterior implant are placed normally and two tilted (up to 45 degrees) implant are placed in posterior to optimized bone support even in bone lacking environment. Then an immediate function temporary acrylic bridge would be fixed few days later.
  • 2nd trip: After around 6 months of healing, a longer term metal frame acrylic or ceramic bridge would be used to replace the temporary acrylic bridge 
  • The above traditional approach could be applicable to almost every patient. All-on-4 does have its limitations in that it will require post care maintenance and careful cleaning to prevent gums issues that may lead to gaps between the fixed bridge and gums
  • Nowadays, with worldwide adaptation and further development, Phuket Dental Signature is able to provide 1 trip all-on-4 solution for selected cases assuming there is no prior tooth infection during the first trip of implant post placement or patient comes with no teeth/full dentures. During the same one trip (staying at least 14 days) dental implant surgery is done followed with an acrylic metal frame bridge fitted on.



Dental Implant Brands

  • Straumann ProArch
  • SIC Invent

Different brands has it own advantage over the rest. Please feel free to contact our Phuket implantologist dentist on which implant brand to use for your case.

Digital CT Scan

First our dental radiologist takes a digital 3D CT Scan of your teeth.

Professional Consultation

We will discuss your primary issues and your wishes concerning your teeth.

Dental Examination

This is followed by a professional examination of the teeth and gums.

Complete Treatment Plan

We devise a complete treatment plan for restoring your healthy smile.