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Dental Implants - Missing Gap Replacements


Types of Dental Implant Missing Gap Options

Dental implants are tooth replacements used to replace :

  • Single missing gap
  • Multiple missing gap
  • Full Jaw/Mouth missing teeth

Single missing gap

Single missing gap

A single missing gap may be replaced with a dental implant post with crown

Multiple missing gap

Multiple missing gaps in a row may be replaced with gaps dental implant posts with a bridge over implants

Full Jaw/Mouth missing teeth

For full jaw or full mouth missing teeth, there are several dental implant replacement treatment options including:

  • Dental implants with full bridges
  • Dental implants with overdentures
  • ProArch (All-on-4) dental implants
  • Zygoma dental implants (For upper jaw only)


How to select full jaw/mouth implant option

  1. Patient’s oral and bone condition
  2. Preference of removable or fixed prosthetics on implant
  3. Patient’s budget
  4. Patient’s available time for treatment
  5. Post care and maintenance
Full Jaw/Mouth Options Bone condition Final prosthetics Budget Time Maintenance
Dental Implant Bridges Good anterior bone/
Good posterior bone
Fixed bridges high 2 trips Easy care as per normal teeth
Dental Implant Dentures Good front bone/
Moderate posterior bone
removable dentures low 2 trips Periodic adjustments
Immediate Function Implants with Hybrid Bridge Good front bone/
Moderate to posterior bone resorption
Fixed hybrid bridges medium 1 trip (with sufficient bone)
2 trips (malo protocol & insufficient bone)
Periodic adjustments
Zygoma Implants Good front bone Posterior bone resorption Fixed hybrid bridges high 1 trip (with sufficient bone)
2 trips (malo protocol & insufficient bone)
Periodic adjustments


Bone Grafting before implant treatment

Bone Grafting before implant treatment

Sometimes bone condition is not healthy enough to have implant done. Therefore several reasons for unhealth bone, or bone loss.

  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth Development defects
  • Missing gap last for too long
  • Injury or trauma

In this case, dentist could do bone augmentation to recover bone health so that implant treatment could be done as normal. There are few types of bone augmentation

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting aims at restoring bone around implant site using bone from either (a) Synthetic bone materials and (b) patients’s own natural bone or from donor

Sinus Lift

Sinus lift would be done just for the upper maxilla area, where patient’s sinus located. Oral surgeon would then lift up the wall of the sinus a bit and add bone below it so that there are enough bone to support dental implant.


Aleovoplasty would be necessary if patient’s bone structure become uneven after bone loss. Surgeon would be smoothen and reshape the bone structure so that implant could be put in easily.

If there is a need of any bone augmentation. The treatment duration might be affected. Sometime implant could be placed in the same day of the implant. While sometime a 3-6 months recovery period would be needed before implant could be place.

Please consult with our phuket implantologist to get more information for your case.